The 24th China International Optoelectronics Expo

Issuing time:2022-05-11 09:41

As a large-scale and influential opto-electronic industry comprehensive exhibition, the 24th Opto-electronic Expo will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 7-9, 2022. Six exhibitions will be held in the same period, covering information communication, laser, infrared, ULTRAVIOLET, precision optics, camera technology and application, intelligent sensing, new display and other sections. Display cutting-edge optoelectronic innovative technology and comprehensive solutions for optoelectronic and application fields, master the latest trend of the industry, insight into the market development trend, help enterprises to negotiate business with the upstream and downstream of the optoelectronic industry, and achieve business cooperation.

Information communication exhibition display 】 light chip, optical components, optical module, fiber optic cable, optical communication system, wireless communication industry chain all popular products such as communication, data center and cutting-edge technology, AD hoc communications device module pavilion, semiconductor and communication equipment department, integrated wiring, attract industry many well-known enterprises to participate in.

Centralized display enterprises include: AOI, ADT, ARTILUX, ANRITSU, AXETRIS, APOLLO, ASM AMICRA, BANDWIDTH10, BRANDENBURGER, COLORCHIP, CREDO, DENSELIGHT, EXFO, FINETECH, FICONTEC, FISBA PHOTONICS, HITACHI, HERMETIC, HIGHFINESSE, II-VI Incorporated, INPHENIX, IRIDIAN, JEOL, KEYSIGHT, LIPAC, MACOM, MARVELL, MRSI (Mycronic Group), Micro-Hybrid, NIF, POET, PPI, RAITH CHINA, R&S, SAMCO, SCHOTT AG, SENKO, SEMTECH, SIFOTONICS, Sicoya Global, SUNCALL, SUSS, TEKTRONIX, TOPTICA PHOTONICS, US CONEC, VIAVI, YOKOGAWA, solectron, haisi, optical communications, hisense, Leonard, Cambridge, deco, new Yi Sheng, couplet, science and technology, good day first communication, shi photons, fast, and sea ray core, Ming yi science and technology, semiconductor, core source jie citrix, sensitive core, core semiconductor photoelectric, industry research highlights, see the torch science and technology, every valley electronics, three-ring, thousand eyes laser, mansion Door optimal newsletter, a new micro semiconductor, xin yao core semiconductor, semiconductor, eagles, semiconductor, China orange, core speed crosslinking, rich Thai science and technology, LingYunGuang, yu, jiuzhou optoelectronics, three Ann integration, prosper, yofc, hair, YongDing, HongAn group, west ancient, HuaTa, unisoft, Sue camel communications, tai yu, core, too, send letter, yutong, west dieter, hon litres, dimensions of science and technology, Xingqihang, Radium Technology, Enaki, Hebei Shenghao, Sintoku Semiconductor, Jingchuang, Dazu Semiconductor, Weijian Intelligent, Ruibo, Youguang, Yacob, Ecoris, Puseth and other well-known enterprises will bring the latest products in CIOE2022. (The above companies are ranked in no particular order)

[Precision Optics exhibition & Camera Technology and Application exhibition] Brings together more than 1000 optical enterprises, focusing on the latest products and technologies of optical components and materials, lenses and modules, coating, machine vision, AR&VR, optical measurement and other upper, middle and lower reaches, creating a feast of the whole optical industry chain.

Centralized display enterprises include:

Optical components and materials: Lida Optoelectronics, Chengdu Guangming, North Optoelectronics, Zhengzheng, Fujing, Haichuang, Heuer Optics, Xiaoyuan optics, Sumita, Nikon, Short, Taiyang, Lante optics, Fujian Huake, Chuangsi Industry and trade, Kaixin, Yuancheng, Ge, Jiangxi Gaojia optoelectronics, etc.

Optical equipment: , raul, schneider, belonged to the first cheese pu machinery, DKSH, tomohiro, desai, herriott, fanuc automation, three RenKai, is far from fine grinding machine, zhongshan d, Beijing machine tool, hengtai optical light, sea PuChao fine, crystal jade science and technology, senyong machine, Wan Jia aachen, zhongshan Jin Dingguang machine, Shanghai to become, walter, zhejiang huasheng, name is, farce DE feng, etc.

Optical coating technology and equipment: Jiet, Xujing Optoelectronics, Haitai New light, Mi Feng, Nahong optoelectronics, Huicheng vacuum, Youyan, Du en, A shi Chuang, Fuxing Kai, Xintian optoelectronics, Boton optoelectronics, Laibao, light chi, new Kelon, Cathay, ZTE optoelectronics, Yi Fa, Aiweite, Pai Lett, etc.

Camera technology application: ShunYu pupil optics, optical, phoenix optics, woo lianchuang electronics, joint, the large photoelectric, castle light crystal ultra optics, ford,, blue, optical source is high and the surplus embellish in optics, optoelectronics, anwar photoelectric photoelectric, pines, cheung chau optics, love lauder, optimal state, xiamen force tripod, said han yu cane strange, special rice, dole high precision, shangrao, au optronics, Jiang Xigao red, Xinye Optronics, Guangjing Vision, Tianjin Vision, Beichuang Optronics, Chengrui optics, Yanding, Advanced Pacific, Zhongke Seiko, Aiweishi, Jieniu, Zhihong, Yi Li Optronics, Guanghaojie, Canhong, Iwata, Yongshun Chuangneng, Kerui Technology, Lightbus, etc.

AR&VR: The thin crystal ultra optics, east valley science and technology, light hao rudder micro-nano optics, light, crystal photoelectric, jiyang optics, the first lens technology, to science and technology, tianren micro-nano, city electronics, corning, doppler photoelectric, targa, the praise, which jiing photoelectric, appear to be light, ouzhi photoelectric, epson, wise Mr Heng, micro naco instrument, opticon core, rich lincom, Richard Pai optical crystal, the long, deep, hui Dexin, Pulin Technology, Huiniu Technology, Guyi Micro na, etc.

Optical measurement instrument, Zeiss, sanfeng, brooke, panasonic, Hitachi, keyence, meetall g o, dry 矅 ZhaiKe, Chinese instruments, optical, Internet, island ferry, omar, Olympus, AoPuTai grams, sea, kang, sensitive, chengdu too, optimal measurable, Mr Fu, AoPuTai g, o tang, leica, PuAi nano, the optics in Europe, etc.

Machine vision and industrial automation: Keens, Primis, Cheng on Digital, Futeco, WentingTeco, Tianjin Vision, Beichuang Optoelectronics, Pindur, ASTRI, etc.

Sapphire processing and application: Haotian Optoelectronics, Tiantong, Hengjia, Jingchi, crystal, crystal, crystal ring, Lanbaoyuan, xinyuan, Xunda optics, Glory electronics, new porcelain photoelectric, etc.

[Laser Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing exhibition] focuses on displaying new products and technologies in laser materials, lasers, laser solutions, automation and intelligent equipment, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, helping downstream application fields to tap new applications and new demands in the laser industry.

Centralized display enterprises include:

Laser equipment: Dazu, Tongkuai, Haimuxing, Wuhan Huagong, Teide, Yunteng, Abite, Sky Yuan, Jinweike, Zhonggu Lianchuang, ZIChen laser, Raylett, etc.

Laser: Chuangxin, MKS Wanji Instrument, Huari, Hotspur, Linpin Laser, Guangyue, Ultron Photonics, Beilin, Keprin

Laser chips and components: Changfei Guangfang, Hengtong Optical fiber, Changguanghuaxin, Ruibo Optoelectronics, Haitai optoelectronics, Keraistron, Bogao, etc.

Laser components: Keming Instrument, Oxford Instrument, BENEQ, Anli, Zhuoli Hanguang, Maofeng Optoelectronics, Mingtuo, Ruike Optoelectronics, Hongxing Yang, Xinyuan Huibo, etc.

Intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation: mornsun, hanno precision and the technology of nano, China, gas ", hundred million too, pneumatic, picks out fine kay, Angus, paco, zichen electromechanical, gemany, micro group, driver, wheat intelligence, rambo, the mage, rui shi's top, hui science and technology, devore, shi jin da, YouYan, German HuaShi, etc.