2021 International Big Screen Display Technology Exhibition

Issuing time:2022-05-10 12:02

2021 International Big Screen Display Technology Exhibition

Time: May 10 to 13, 2021

Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an New Pavilion)

ISLE 2021 International Large Screen Display Technology Exhibition (Shenzhen), International Advertising Sign and LED Exhibition (Shenzhen), international Audio and Video Intelligent Integration Exhibition (Shenzhen) is a professional exhibition from the Eastern hemisphere to the TOP screen display/audio and video integration system/stage audio and video/advertising sign and equipment.

Main exhibits of this exhibition:

Large screen Display Technology and Supporting Exhibition:

Small pitch screen, Micro LED, Mini LED display screen (indoor and outdoor), conventional LED, OLED screen, LCD display, transparent, special-shaped screen, creative screen, LED encapsulation/chip/control system, COB, SMD, projector, splicing wall, interactive flat-panel display, 3 d display terminal, film projector, digital projection lamp, wearable displays, projection screen, LED spare parts/spare parts / Consumables/accessories, LED engineering installation and maintenance repair.

Audio and Video Wisdom Integration Exhibition:

Stage lighting and performance equipment: lighting and sound equipment, listening equipment, stage equipment/installation/system, microphone, power amplifier, intelligent lighting control system; System integration: central control matrix system, digital conference system, intelligent broadcasting system, intelligent education system, intelligent transportation system, security monitoring system, distributed integrated management platform, face recognition, voice recognition, artificial intelligence, big data, VR/AR/MR.

Digital Creativity and Innovation Applications Exhibition:

Smart city: smart security, smart transportation, smart community, smart business, smart tourism, smart environmental protection, 5G application scenarios, etc.

Innovative technology: digital content, exhibitions, commercial beauty, virtual reality and other software and hardware;

Cultural tour night tour: theme park, scenic area night tour, architectural projection, laser water show, stage performance, lighting installation, theme IP and other new media art;

Popular science education: wearable devices, display devices, mixed reality, virtual simulation, virtual exhibition hall, interaction design, holographic images, etc.

International 5G Smart Lamp Pole Exhibition:

Intelligent lighting, rod body, communication, screen display, intelligent security, traffic command, charging pile, Internet of Things terminal, power supply supporting, system integration and software, related supporting. International Exhibition of Digital Creativity and Innovation applications: Digital Devices, Digital Content, Exhibitions and performances, theme parks, cultural night Tours, Interactive media applications, virtual reality.

4K/8K Ultra HD Exhibition:

4K/8K camera, monitor, switchboard, video processing chip, video processor, video production system, 4K/8K TV, LED, mobile intelligent terminal.

LED Lighting Exhibition:

LED lighting, landscape lighting, light module, power supply, light strip.

Advertising logo and Commercial Display Space Exhibition:

Advertising signs: outdoor signboards, light boxes, digital printing equipment, carving equipment Commodity display and store decoration: new retail, commercial space design, display props, POP marketing, fashion window, green display, new materials, industrial and design college achievements and talents.