The standardized development of LED display may become the core competitiveness at this stage

Issuing time:2022-05-06 12:40

For a perfect industry with booming prospects, its industry culture and industry core competitiveness are always essential, and the standardized development of LED display will become a core competitiveness at this stage, and the development of a core competitiveness will make an enterprise become a leader in the industry. In the current market, various forms of LED display may drive the development of new markets.

Led by the rapid growth of the market, outdoor LED screen media has become a promising industry. In the early development of the industry, the lack of a certain control mechanism and the resource-centered development model brought some disadvantages to the development of the industry. However, since 2011, with the further standardization of outdoor electronic screen media Settings and management, as well as more marketing demands from advertisers, At present, outdoor LED screen is entering a new stage of standardized development and competition, with innovation and science and technology as the core competitiveness.

The main means for early outdoor LED large-screen media operators to achieve competition is to maximize the access to screen resources in the core business area of the city, the main road of traffic and other high-quality points, and the development mode is relatively single. Therefore, when the industry is gradually maturing and the core resources of key cities have been fully developed, how to achieve the further growth of the benefits and scale of single screen becomes the key for operators to achieve competition. In the fierce market competition, only the operators who pay attention to technological innovation and creative application can get business opportunities in the future competition.

At this stage of development, the competition focus of outdoor LED screen media is shifting from resource competition to equal emphasis on resources and technology. Although the importance of resources in a long time still dominant, but higher quality and better effect of visual display screen, LED the perfect combination of technology and the digital projection technology, combined with dynamic video and lighting outdoor LED weaving media for consumers to create a perfect outdoor visual space, More emphasis on the audience's all-round visual experience, more can attract consumers' active attention.

On the other hand, the progress of digital technology, gives the outdoor led weaving with bi-directional interaction and broadcast media spreading function, the led media has the very strong offline activities coordination ability, real-time information ability, video ability to live, cross-media integrated marketing ability, can at any time in a different way to image segmentation the ability of comprehensive ability, such as To better meet the needs of advertisers for personalized marketing; In addition, technological progress has greatly reduced the cost of screen construction and later operation and maintenance for operators, enabling operators to focus more financial resources on creative innovation and services.